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Online Lottery FAQ

We will give answers to the most frequently asked questions about the online lottery and online lotto jackpots here. Playing the lotteries online is the most convenient and easiest way to lay your hands on those big international Lotto jackpots.

How does it work?

We act as a messenger service between you and the various lotteries. We buy the ticket in your name and on your behalf, then scan your new ticket and upload the scan to your customer account, send you a message when you win, and help you get your money when you win as well.

What are the advantages of playing through us?

  • there is no need to go to a lottery store. You can easily play from at home or from your office
  • you can pay online, for example by credit card or by other means
  • your lotto winnings up to €2500 will be credited to your account
  • if you win more than €2500, we will assist you in getting your money, free of charge
  • there are no additional costs if you win money.

Who can play the lotteries?
Anyone over 18 years old can play the lottery.

Can I play a lottery from a foreign country?
Yes, you can. It doesn’t matter in which country you reside, you can play any lottery and lotto jackpot in any country of your choice.

Can I pick my own lotto numbers?
Yes. You can pick the numbers you would like, or you can conveniently have the computer pick your numbers for you at random.

How will I get my lottery ticket?
Once your payment has been processed, we will e-mail a confirmation of purchase. The numbers you picked can be seen in your account. Shortly after, you can see the scanned ticket in your account as well.

How can I pay for my lotto or ticket?
There are a number of payment options available to you, among those are payment by credit card, bank wire, various cryptocurrencies, and more.

Do you take a share of my winnings?
No. All lottery winnings will be paid out to you in full, without deduction of any fees.

When can I place my order for a lottery ticket?
In order to participate in a lottery, you should order your ticket at least 2 hours before the draw. This allows us to process your Lotto ticket order.

How do I know whether I have won?
If you win, we will send you an e-mail and notify you of your win. Also, the winning numbers for all the lotteries will be published on our website.

How do I get my money if I win?
If you win an amount under €2500, then the money will be credited to your player account. For any won amount higher than €2500, we will send you a claim form that you have to fill out. You will have to identify yourself and then we will process your claim to the lottery company. The lottery company will then issue a check to you. Please note that some lottery companies require you to claim your winnings in person if you win a jackpot prize.

Is this a legal service?
Yes, it is. Since ours is only a messenger service, this is perfectly legal.

How do I know that a lottery ticket is being bought on my behalf?
Once you have paid for your lottery ticket, you will receive a payment confirmation. As long as your lotto ticket is active, you will get an e-mail notification and after logging in, you can see your tickets in your customer area on our website.