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Eurojackpot winning numbers and draw results

How do you check the winning numbers for the Eurojackpot lottery? As one of the more popular lotteries in Europe, punters everywhere are eager for an opportunity to win big. If you live outside Europe, you can also buy tickets to the lottery and check the draw results online.

When you visit you get access to top international lotteries worldwide. We provide a simple and convenient way to play the lottery and check the draws in one place.

What is the Winning Combination?

eurojackpot winning numbersMost people play the lottery for a chance to win big and punters especially love Eurojackpot for a number of reasons. One of them is the high chance of winning. This lottery has produced a lot of millionaires since it was first launched. 

Basically, the winner is the ticket that matches the drawn numbers. If you are playing online, you need to choose 5 digits from between 1 and 50 and 2 others from 1 to 12. Whoever matches the seven drawn digits wins the jackpot.

When choosing your numbers, you can either choose those that are special to you or random ones. Some players prefer to use our auto generator to pick randomly. The important thing is to get your ticket before the draws.

How to check draw results

This Europe lottery has two draw days, on Tuesday and Friday each week. Draw results are often announced at a live show. however,  waiting to watch the live draws can get a bit awkward. Particularly if it clashes with an important function or your job, for instance. That is why playing the lottery with us is a fantastic option.

When you play with us, you only need to check back to find out the draw results. That is because we publish the draw results right here on our site.

Also, if you win a prize, we will let you know as soon as you win via email. And once you log into your account on our platform, you will get an alert. Playing the lottery is even easier and more convenient when you buy your lottery tickets from us.

What to do when you win

We love it when our customers win the lottery because that is why we are here in the first place. To give players everywhere access to top international lotteries from the convenience of their computers or mobile devices.

So, if you win a prize, not only will we alert you, but you can easily withdraw your wins from our platform. That’s right. No need to go anywhere to get access to your lottery prize, just withdraw straight into your account.

We should mention though that when it is above a certain amount, you might need to fill out a claims form. This is to help you get your win from the lottery company. But we are here to assist you and make the process as easy and straightforward as possible.


How Do I Get Paid if I Win the Lottery Online?

This is how you get your money if you win the lottery online  read more

Check your Eurojackpot winning numbers here

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