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Play Mega Millions Online from outside the US

The Mega Millions Online Lotto Jackpot

The Mega Millions Jackpot Lotto sits in Michigan USA and is being played in 12 federal states of the US. With the draws slated for every Tuesday and Friday night at 8 PM, the frequency of winning can be quite high for a lucky player. A Mega Millions ticket comes relatively cheap and the largest jackpot ever paid out was for more than $1500 million.

play mega millions onlineWell, if you are considering playing the Mega Millions, and that too on a regular basis, you can imagine the time and energy involved in running to a lottery twice a week. The best way to remove the complications and save time would be to play online. Buying the ticket with your favorite numbers and delivering the same to your doorstep was never so easy. With our help, the Mega Millions Lotto Jackpot can be won online by everybody in the World!

How to play the Mega Millions online

The Mega Millions lottery starts with the amount of $20 million and made history when it reached $1.5 billion, the highest lottery jackpot in US history! Players can choose five numbers between 1 and 56 (white ball) plus one so-called Mega number between 1 and 46 (golden ball).

mega millions ticket scanTo crack this jackpot, you have to get all five numbers and the mega number right. But even if you do not crack the jackpot, you have a good chance of winning, since 1 out of 40 tickets wins. Anyone would agree that those are very good odds of winning a lottery.

The jackpot will be paid out in 26 yearly payments also called the annuity option or you can opt for an all-cash settlement where you will be paid the present value of the annuity. The draws are usually held in Idaho (Georgia) but when the jackpot crosses the $200 million mark, the draw is held at Times Square (New York City).

You have to be at least 18 years old to play this lottery, but you do not have to be a citizen or resident of the USA. With our help, you can play from outside the USA, from anywhere in the world actually. In fact, we will also help you to get the prize money won safely to you without any trouble.

The extras

In almost all the jurisdictions (42 of 43, except California) of the Mega Millions, the players have the option to activate an extra called the Megaplier. The Megaplier doubles the wager in the game and the players can multiply the non-jackpot prizes by 2,3 or 4. Of course, the need to mention that the odds go down is not required here.

So, with so much at stake, it is time you considered playing the Mega Millions, it can make you realize your dreams. Get yourself registered on our website and have a go at the biggest US lottery ever.


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