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France Lotto winning numbers and draw results

France Lotto is a European lotto that produces winners three times a week. It was launched in 1976 and has its draw days on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The France Lotto winning numbers are announced on these days. Winners from all around the world can take part in the France Lotto by buying their tickets online.

Why you should check the winning numbers

Generally, the France Lotto company does not know the identities of all those who brought tickets. So, they have no way of contacting the winning tickets of the lotto. That is why you need to constantly check your ticket against the drawn numbers to find out if you have won.

Also, France Lotto has 10 prize divisions. It is possible that a player might not have won the jackpot, but could have won other prizes.

France Lotto winning resultsWays to check France Lotto winning results

There are several ways to check the draw results for the France lotto. This is essential to figure out the winning ticket for the jackpot. Remember that the winner is whoever matches the drawn figures. If you buy tickets to the France Lotto, you can check the draw results in any of the following ways:

Watch the live TV drawing

This is really quite exciting because the numbers are called out and you can find out immediately if you have won. The problem with this is that you have to be living in France to watch the France lotto live draws.


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Visit news sites

Another way to check the draw results is to check the news sites. Various news sites publish the winning combinations on their pages. This is particularly true of European news sites. If you win the jackpot, then this is a great option. However, there are several other prize divisions that a player can win. Sadly, these sites usually do not publish the winning combinations for those divisions. So, if you win a second-tier prize, for instance, you might miss out on it.


When you register with us, you can easily check the winning numbers for the France Lotto. After every draw, we publish the results right here on our page. Also, if you win any prize, we will notify you immediately regardless of the prize division you have won. Plus, you can also withdraw your lotto winnings directly from our site to your account.

Benefits of playing online

Being able to conveniently check the draw results is just one of the benefits of playing the lotto online. But, we have to agree that it is a huge benefit. Here are some benefits in a nutshell:

France Lotto winning combinations

Choosing the right combination for your France lotto ticket can be quite tricky. Many players have different tips they use to increase their chances of winning the lottery. What we can tell you is that there is no guaranteed method of winning the lottery. It is a matter of luck. However, we can share some strategies that players use to choose their winning digits.

Some players like to go through past winning combinations to find numbers that occur regularly or seldom. They are able to identify a pattern and use it to create a strategy for playing the lottery. Whether it works or not is difficult to say.

Other players choose to play frequently by buying multiple tickets and entering multiple draws. The logic behind this is that the more times you play the lottery, the higher your chances of winning. Interestingly, most winners played for years before winning the lottery. However, there are those who won the first time they played.


In conclusion, the France lotto is a game of chance. You can buy your France lotto tickets and check winning combinations right here on