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Play Set for Life from outside the UK

Many more punters across the world are beginning to realise the beauty of being set for the rest of their lives. And that is what the UK Set for Life lottery offers players: the chance to win £10,000 every single month for 30 years. It is called an annuity lottery because the winner does not receive a lump sum. At first glance, it might not seem as appealing as winning billions of euros. However, there are some players who are not quite comfortable with handling so much money at once. Besides, we have read about lottery winners who became broke after a few years. With this UK lottery, there is no chance of that happening as the winner gets £10,000 without fail each month. 

If you are wondering how you can play this UK annuity from outside the UK, you are in luck. Here, we will share how to play the lottery and tips for playing from outside the UK.

Can you play Set For Life from outside the UK?

Set For Life might be an essentially UK lottery, but the desire to win big every month is one that is shared by punters everywhere. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like the thought of winning £10,000 every month for 30 years? Typically, Set For Life is played only in the UK, because that is where tickets are sold. However, players can now buy tickets from anywhere.

The internet has made a lot of things possible, particularly access to information. Now, punters all around the world can buy tickets to top international lotteries including Set For Life. Thus, if you are a player outside the UK, you can easily buy tickets for the UK annuity lottery by visiting

If you fancy the thought of being set for the rest of your life, then hurry now and get a ticket before the next draw.

How to play

To play the UK lottery, players need to pick 5 numbers from a range of 1 to 47 and 1 Life Ball number from 1 to 10. Next, you choose the draw days you want to enter and the number of weeks you would like to play.

When you use our site, you can use our number generator to randomly select your numbers. Also, you can set it so that you are automatically entered into each draw several weeks in advance. That way, you do not need to worry about missing a draw. Also, we publish the raw results right here on our site.

Set For Life draws take place every Monday and Thursday night. Playing the lottery with us means that you do not have to miss a draw because you didn’t buy your ticket before it closed.

Tips for playing online

Before you buy your lottery ticket on the internet, it is important to know a few things. These are some tips that will help you have a more enjoyable playing experience.

  • Always use a concierge site to buy your lottery tickets
  • Be sure that you can withdraw your winnings without hassle from the site
  • Purchase multiple tickets and enter multiple draws to increase your odds of winning
  • Use a site that will let you know (through email) once you win a prize

Set For Life prize categories

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The top prize for this UK lottery is an amazing £10,000 every month for the next 30 years. That is like getting paid 10 grand a month to have a 30-year-long vacation. That prize is one that gets a lot of players excited. However even more exciting is the fact that this lottery has some other exciting prize levels as well. Here are the prize categories.

Category 1: Match 5 numbers + the Life Ball – £10,000 every month for 30 years

Category 2: Match 5 numbers only – £10,000 every month for 1 year

Category 3: Match 4 numbers + the LIfe Ball – £250

Category 4: Match 4 numbers only – £50

Category 5: Match 3 numbers + the Life Ball – £30

Category 6: Match 3 numbers only – £20

Category 7: Match 2 numbers + the Life Ball – £10

Category 8 Match 2 numbers only – £5


Some lottery winners gave back to the community

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Play the UK annuity lottery here today

We are a concierge lottery site that makes it possible for players around the world to gain access to top international lotteries. When you buy your lottery tickets from us, you enjoy the pleasure of playing the lottery without any of the hassles.

If you win any prize, you can easily withdraw your winnings right here from our site. We make it that simple. And if your prize is more than a certain amount, we will help you with a claims form so you can collect your winning.

Everything we do is targeted at providing a seamless lottery experience for our customers. So go ahead and enter the UK Set for Life lottery today.