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Mega Millions winning numbers and draw results

Mega Millions is known for its mega jackpots and punters everywhere just love the thought of winning this lottery. Winning the Mega Millions lottery is the American dream and millions of players strive for it. Thankfully, players from around the world now have a shot at winning Mega Millions by buying tickets online. In case you were wondering just how to do that, then we’ve got a treat for you.

If you are a first-time player (or a regular) you can buy tickets to Mega Million right here on our site. Not only that, but here at, we also give you a chance at winning several top international lotteries. So, if you want to try winning lotteries from Australia, Europe or America, then stick with us.


European Lotteries

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Oh, and we will tell you how you can get access to your Mega Millions wins as well. There’s no point playing Mega Millions, winning and not being able to access your prize. So relax and keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Mega Millions winning numbers.

buy mega millions ticket onlineHow to pick Mega Millions winning numbers

Everyone who buys a lottery ticket hopes that somehow, they will get the winning ticket. It’s natural human instinct. We know that the odds might be high, but someone has to get the winning ticket. And, it might as well be you, right? But, how do you do that? Well, there are some tricks that players use to pick winning numbers.

We will be upfront and let you know that there is no guaranteed way to score the winning ticket. It is a game of chance and each player just has to try his luck. That said, there are ways you can help yourself feel lucky. For that, the winning numbers you choose are very important.

Basically, you can choose winning numbers by picking lucky dates. Some people consider the dates they were born as lucky. It is said that some people were born under a lucky star. If you feel like one of those, then you might want to use all or parts of your birthdate for your lottery ticket. Not feeling so lucky, then use the auto generator to pick random winning numbers.

Winning Mega Millions online

The rules of the game are the same whether you are playing online or offline. We will work you through the process of choosing winning numbers online. Once you get it, you will not want to play the lottery any other way. There is something incredible about not having to go anywhere to buy your lottery ticket. Just use your computer or mobile device.

First, the rules. For Mega Millions, you need to pick 5 numbers between 1 and 70 and a Mega Ball from 1 to 25. Once you pick your winning combination, you can enter the draws. The drawing days are Tuesday and Friday each week. You have the option to enter a single draw or both.

You can also enter the draws several weeks in advance. If you match the winning combination, you win big. Before you pay for your entries, we will ask you to register. This is to make it easier for you to access and claim your winnings. But, we will explain that later on, just keep reading.

Checking the winning numbers

The Mega Millions jackpot starts at $40 million. That is the guaranteed minimum and the jackpot prize does not go below this. If no winning number turns up after the draws, the jackpot rolls over to the next draw. It keeps on rolling over until a winning ticket is found.

To check the winning results for the Mega Millions lottery, simply return to this page after each draw. It’s as simple as that. We publish the winning results for each draw on this page and this includes the other prize categories as well. Yes, winning the jackpot is not all you can win when you play Mega Millions.

If you win any prize, we will inform you immediately via email so you can claim your winnings.

Mega Millions prize categories

Okay, we know you are probably curious about winning other prizes when you play this lottery. We all hope to win the lottery, but when you aim for the stars, sometimes you hit the sky. And these prizes are pretty awesome. So, here is the prize breakdown.

Division 1: 5 + Mega Ball – Jackpot

Division 2: 5 – $1,000,000

Division 3: 4 + Mega Ball – $10,000

Division 4: 4 – $500

Division 5: 3 + Mega Ball – $200

Division 6 : 3 – $10

Division 7: 2 + Mega Ball – $10

Division 8: 1 + Mega Ball – $4

Division 8: Mega Ball only – $2

Winning the second-tier prize would also be quite remarkable, right? We happen to think so too.

How to claim your prize

mega millions ticket scanIt is all well and good to play the lottery online, but how do you claim your winnings? Well, we’ve got that all covered as well. If you bought your lottery ticket at then you can easily gain access to your winnings. Once you log in to your account, simply cash out from our platform to your bank.

This hassle-free process is the main reason why we ask our customers to register. It makes it so much easier to withdraw your win, no matter where you live.

Note that this is usually for winnings that are below €2,500. If your winnings are higher than €2,500, you might need to contact the lottery company directly to claim your win. But, that is not a problem as we will assist you with filling out a claims form.

Why you should play the lottery at

Everything we do at is focused on giving you a fantastic experience when you play Mega Millions. There are so many things in life that are hard, but winning the lottery should not be one of those. So we take care of all those pesky little details so that you can focus on having all the fun you want.

More than that, we are a concierge site. Meaning that we give our customers a chance at winning the lottery. You do not bet on the outcome of Mega Millions like it is with so many lottery sites. We actually give our customers access to winning international lotteries like Mega Millions. When you buy tickets on our site, If you have the winning ticket, you win the lottery.

We make it easy for our customers to check the Mega Millions winning numbers as well as the draw history. Checking the draw history helps players to create their winning play strategy. Finally, getting access to your winnings is as simple as a click. Enjoy the Mega Millions lottery today by registering with us.