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Powerball winning numbers and draw results

Powerball is a US lottery that has one of the largest jackpots of all time. Winning the US Powerball is the ultimate dream of almost every punter. Because of its incredibly large jackpots, which sometimes run up to $1 Billion, players around the world buy Powerball tickets online. Each player harbours strong hopes of winning the lottery. However, buying a lottery ticket is one thing, and checking the winning numbers is another. To find out whether you hold the winning ticket for the Powerball lottery, it is essential to check the draw results.

On this page, we will share with you how to check the winning results online. Also, we will show you how to gain access to your winnings even though you are an online player.

Remember that you can buy winning tickets to Powerball at and check the winning numbers there at the same time.

Why Powerball is so popular

play powerballThere are several reasons why players flock to Powerball. It is a US multi-state lottery, meaning that tickets are sold in several US states. So those who live in those states can easily buy Powerball tickets. But it is not just US lottery enthusiasts that are buying entries with the hope of winning this lottery. Punters around the world are eagerly trying to buy winning Powerball tickets as well.

In October 2022, the Powerball jackpot hit a record of $1 Bn and that was won by a single ticket holder. Just the thought of winning a billion dollars is enough to get players everywhere excited. Also, even though the odds of winning Powerball are quite high, players often win the jackpot.

Again, Powerball has several categories with juicy prizes. So, even if you miss the first prize, you could still go home with a big win.

Playing and winning Powerball online

The fun part about playing Powerball online is that you get quick access to this US lottery from anywhere. If you buy your winning ticket from, you can easily pick your winning numbers. Simply pick 5 numbers from 1 to 69 and 1 additional number from 1 to 26.

Once you have picked your winning numbers, the next step is to enter the draws. Powerball has three weekly draws, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. We make it easy for you to enter a single draw or multiple draws, depending on your preference. Also, you can enter the draws several weeks in advance.

After processing your payment, the next step is to wait for the draws. That is when the winning numbers will be announced and you can tell if you have won the lottery.


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Checking the winning numbers

win big with powerballBecause you are playing Powerball online, you can’t walk into a lottery vendor to check if you have the winning ticket. So, the best way to do that is to check online. If you play with us, you can return to this page after each draw to see the winning numbers.

But, even if you do not check back, you can know if you have won any prize. That is because you have to be registered with us to buy your Powerball ticket. The reason for this is so we can inform you as soon as you have a winning ticket. If you have a winning ticket, we will send you an email to let you know. It’s that simple, really.

Cashing out your prize

Cashing out your winnings is another aspect that could be of concern to online players. Because if you are playing Powerball online, you want to be sure that you can access your winnings. If you are playing Powerball with us, then cashing out your prize is a simple matter. We have designed our system in such a way that you can withdraw your winnings to your account.

This is available for winnings that are below 2,500 euros. If you win more than that amount, we will assist you to fill out a claims form. You will need to do that to claim your winnings directly from the lottery company.

Winning the Powerball lottery

Winning the Powerball lottery means that you have a ticket that matches the drawn results. To show you how amazing Powerball is, let’s show you what you can win in the other prizes.

Division 1: Match 5 + Powerball – Jackpot

Division 2: Match 5 alone – $1 million

Division 3: Match 4 + Powerball – $50,000

Division 4: Match 4 alone – $100

Division 5: Match 3 + Powerball – $100

Division 6: Match 3 alone – $7

Division 7: Match 2 + Powerball – $7

Division 8: Match 1 + Powerball – $4

Division 9: Match Powerball alone – $4

With 9 divisions, winning the lottery is an exciting possibility for players. It also means that the chances of winning a prize are quite high. Besides, even if you win the second division, you stand a good chance of going home with a big win.

Check the winning results here

Next time you want to play the lottery, don’t worry about where to check the winning results. At we make it easy for you to pick your winning numbers and also check the winning results. Buy your ticket from us and we will alert you once you have a winning ticket.

Remember that you can also withdraw your winnings from our site directly to your account. This will greatly ease any stress you would have had with playing the lottery. Actually, we make it our job to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience to our customers. That way, you can focus on winning the lottery without a care in the world.