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Play SuperEnaLotto Online from Outside Italy

Superenalotto Italia

This is the Italian Jackpot Lottery that was first drawn on 3rd December 1997, and the Superenalotto online jackpot reaches astronomical sums very often. It is drawn every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday sharp at 8 PM. With the largest jackpot amounts involved, the odds of winning this lottery are amongst the lowest. The Superenalotto Italia is known to reach jackpot amounts of over 250 million euros.


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How the Superenalotto works

play superenalotto onlineThe Superenalotto involves matching 6 numbers out of 90. The main draw includes the draw for all 6 numbers that include the Jolly number, and then a second and independent draw takes place for the Superstar number. To have any chances of winning anything at the Superenalotto Italia, one has to match at least 3 numbers and the odds of achieving that are 1 in 327. To win the jackpot, the odds are 1 in 622 million.

The Superstar number cost extra to play but if you are game and lucky enough to hit it, it can increase the prize money 100-fold. In fact, if you match the Superstar number and do not match the six basic numbers, you can also walk away with a fixed amount in prize money.

What can you win with the Superenalotto Jackpot?

The year 2022 currently sees the biggest jackpot ever by Superenalotto Italia, which currently is at 295 million euros. This is by far the largest jackpot to be won in the history of Italy’s lotto, and at the time this page is being updated, no winner has been found yet!

superenalotto ticketHowever, there is no reason to be discouraged. In fact, the higher the odds, the higher the jackpot to be won and the better the adrenaline rush. The lottery has always been a game of chance and chances are that you are the next lucky one.

The best aspect of the Superena lottery online jackpot is that anyone from anywhere in the world can take part in it, even from outside Italy, and the only basis of participation is that one should be 18+ years of age. Our website gives you the best shot at the Superenalotto Italia and if you have not played it yet, you are pushing your luck in the wrong place.

Once you are signed up on our website and you have verified your credentials, all you would need to do is to select your numbers and make the payment to make sure that you have booked your seat on the bus to millions. Our local representative will buy your ticket locally with the numbers you specified and will make sure that you will be able to see a scan of that ticket shortly thereafter..

While winning the Superenalotto Italia is a matter of unfavorable odds, you can also check out the other lotteries across the world that you can play online, with the help of our service.

Select your favorite games of chance and get your winning percentages up by joining the community of our users today. It is time you put your luck to the ultimate test.