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Saturday Lotto winning numbers and draw results

The Saturday Lotto also known as the Tatts lotto is one of Australia’s top-winning lotteries. And now that players around the world can take part in the lotto, it is more important to choose winning numbers. Winning this Australian lottery means that you get to go home with a minimum of $5 million. This amount rolls over if there is no winning ticket after a draw. Plus, if you enter the mega draw, which is held once a year at Christmas, then you could cash out $30 million!

If you have not yet bought your winning ticket to the lotto, head over to and get your ticket now. Then come back for the winning numbers.

Winning the Saturday Lotto

Winning the Saturday LottoThe Tatts lotto is easy to play especially when you’re playing online. Basically, players need to pick 6 main numbers between 1 and 45. Then 2 supplementary numbers from 1 to 6. The supplementary numbers don’t really have much to do with determining the jackpot. Winning the jackpot means that you just have to match the eight drawn numbers.

Thus, winning the lotto means that your ticket matches the six balls that are randomly picked from the barrel of 45 balls. Then two other balls are picked from another barrel with six balls. These supplementary balls are used for winning the other prize categories.

The drawings are held once a week, on Saturday. So, if you want the winning ticket, you need to buy your entry on time. The draws close on Saturday by 7:25 pm AEST. Players who want to be entered for the draw that week need to buy their winning tickets before the closing time.

Playing online

We’ll talk briefly about winning the lotto online. When you visit the Saturday lotto page on, you will be asked to pick your winning numbers. If you have some special dates that have brought luck to you, then you could use those.

However, for those who do not have particular numbers to choose from, never fear. We have an auto number picker that will generate random winning numbers for you. Lots of lottery winners won using the random number picker.

Once you have picked your winning numbers, you will then enter the weekly draw. Before you can process payment, we will ask you to register. This is to keep your ticket safe and to help you with cashing out your winnings. We will come to that soon.


Watch your lottery numbers being drawn live

How to watch the live draws of your favorite lotteries  read more

Prize Divisions

Winning the Tatts lotto is not just about winning the jackpot. This lotto has eight prize divisions in all. When you buy a ticket to the lotto, you have the chance to any of these prize categories. The winning numbers for each division are stated below.

Division 1: Match 6 (Jackpot) 

Division 2: Match 5 + 1 supplementary number

Division 3: March 5

Division 4: Match 4

Division 5: Match 3 + 1 supplementary number

Division 6: Match 3

Probably one of the reasons why Australians love this lottery so much is just how easy it is to win. The probability of winning is fantastic, and with a minimum jackpot prize of AUD 5 million, is it hardly surprising. If you have not done so yet, this is a good time to think about buying a winning ticket.

Supplementary numbers

We mentioned the supplementary numbers and you’ve probably already noticed that some divisions use these. Note that these are randomly generated during the draws and used to determine divisions 2 and 5. Players do not pick these numbers and have no control over them. So don’t feel alarmed if you don’t see that option when you buy your tickets.

How to check the winning results

check the Saturday lotto winning resultsNow that you have purchased your entry, how do you check if you have the winning ticket? The best way to do this is to return right here. After the draws, we publish the winning results for the Saturday lotto on this page.

We do not just publish the jackpot numbers. We also publish the winning numbers for all the other divisions. So you can tell at a glance how close you came to winning the lotto.

If you registered with us, then it’s even easier. You do not have to go anywhere to find out if you have won the lotto. No, because we will send you a notification as soon as you win a prize. That’s right. You will get an email alerting you that you have the winning numbers for the lotto. We do our best to make it easy and stress-free to play the lotto from anywhere.

Cashing out your winnings

If you have won the lotto, the next step would be to get access to your winnings. There is no point in winning the lotto in Australia if you can’t get hold of your winnings. And, this is where things get really interesting.

If you have won a lotto prize that is below 2,500 euros, then getting your prize is incredibly easy. Simply withdraw your winnings from our platform straight to your bank. We have several methods you can use to conveniently cash out your wins.

If your win is above the 2,500 euros mark, then you might need to contact the lottery company to make a claim. We will provide the needed support for that by sending you a claims form to fill out. It is a straightforward process with practically zero hassle.


The advantage of buying your lottery tickets from us is that you know that you have purchased an entry into the lottery. With us, you don’t bet on the outcome. You actually buy an entry. So if you win, you will get your winnings.

We make it easy for players to play top international lotteries. You can buy your tickets, check your winning combination and easily cash out your wins. We’ve taken care of the details so you can relax and have fun. When you play the lottery with, what you get is a win-win situation. Register with us today.