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El Gordo winning numbers and draw results

Lottery enthusiasts get excited when they hear about El Gordo, not just because it is one of the biggest European lotteries. El Gordo is the mother of all lotteries for the simple fact that the draws take place once a year. Actually, this is part of the Spanish lottery, and every year, it holds a special Christmas draw. It is an event that is filled with excitement and steeped with tradition. It brings families, neighbourhoods and entire communities together to celebrate the festive season. For punters in Spain, the Christmas season is the time to look out for El Gordo winning numbers.

Typically, El Gordo is a lottery that takes place in Spain. Meaning that if you didn’t live in that country, you would have a hard time buying El Gordo tickets. That has changed because you can now check El Gordo winning numbers on the internet.

win big with El Gordo lottoPlaying El Gordo

El Gordo means “the big one” and it is the world’s largest jackpot. The special thing about this lottery is that the jackpot is now won by just one person. That is because the tickets are split into so many fractions. Actually, this is the part about playing El Gordo that can be a bit confusing. Each El Gordo ticket is split into 10 sections and each of those sections is further split. 

The cheapest El Gordo ticket you can buy is 1/100 of a full ticket.

To find out more about playing El Gordo, visit and buy your tickets now. Playing El Gordo is lots of fun, particularly when you’re playing online.

Playing Online

If you are ready to enter the El Gordo lottery, visit our site and choose your winning digits. All you need to do is choose 6 from 1 to 49. Of course, you can let our auto picker do that for you if you don’t have anything specific you want to play. Then enter the draws and wait for the El Gordo winning results.

How to Win El Gordo

El Gordo drawing resultsWinning El Gordo simply means that you have the winning combination. Therefore, if your digits match what is drawn, then you are the winner of the El Gordo lottery.

There are several strategies players use to pick winning combinations for El Gordo. One of those is by choosing digits that they consider to be lucky. For some, it is their birthdays or the birthdays of loved ones. It could be any number that is special to you. Other players prefer to rely entirely on randomly generated numbers. Whatever you choose is up to you.

Another way to pick a winning combination for El Gordo is to look at past results. This will help you particularly if you are a frequent player. For lots of punters, buying multiple tickets is always a good game plan. You could always form a group of friends or family and buy El Gordo tickets.

How to check the winning numbers

Once you have bought your El Gordo ticket, the next step is to wait for the El Gordo draws. After the draws, it is important to check for the winning combinations. There are several stories about jackpots that went unclaimed because the winners never checked their lottery tickets. If you play with us, you never have to worry about that happening to you.

After every draw, we publish the winning results right here on the El Gordo page. One of the mistakes new lottery players make is failing to check if they have won other prizes. 

The El Gordo lottery has 17 different prize levels and a player could win any of them. If you play with us, we will let you know if you are the winner of any prizes. We do that via email plus you will get a notification once you log into the platform.

What happens if you win?

Winning El Gordo is a wonderful experience because you feel like you have been a part of something great. Sort of like being a part of history in the making. It’s an even greater feeling if you bought El Gordo tickets with your co-workers, mates or family. Then you all can go celebrate your winning together.

That said, withdrawing your El Gordo winnings is very easy if you play on our site. It’s just a matter of cashing out your win into your online account. If you win more than a certain amount, you might need to fill out a claims form to get your winnings from the lottery company. But that’s why we’re here, to make things easy for you.


Taxes on Lottery Winnings

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Why you should play El Gordo online with us

There are so many reasons why our customers love playing the lottery with us.

  • Buying your El Gordo lottery ticket is as easy as a few taps of your mobile device. No stress and totally convenient.
  • You can check your El Gordo winning combinations right here without going anywhere else.
  • We will alert you as soon as you win a prize, no matter the amount.
  • If you win any prize, you can cash it out from our platform to your account.

We literally make it easy for our customers to have fun and enjoy playing the lottery. The truth is that there are so many other things in life that are hard, winning the lottery does not have to be one.

Check your winning numbers

Before you buy your ticket, you need to know that we give our customers access to the real deal. When you play with us, you are not just betting on the outcome of the lottery. We ensure that you have entered the lottery. We do this by running a concierge system where our agent in Spain buys corresponding numbers to yours.

When you have El Gordo winning numbers, it means that you have won the lottery. It is that straightforward, really. We work hard to make sure that you don’t have to worry about the details. So, we take care of the little things so that you can focus on what is most important to you.

Visit us today and check the winning numbers to top international lotteries right here. Or buy El Gordo tickets and return them for the winning numbers.