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Picking the right numbers is one of the most important issues for most lottery fans. Some go for numbers that are completely random, others have personal strategies. Whatever you do, all you can expect is to slightly improve your mathematical chances.

Use a random number generator

If you do not want to pick your numbers manually, you can let the computer do it. After all, the probability to win is the same for numbers picked by you or any random combination. We do not only let you play any worldwide lottery you want, but they also have a built-in random numbers generator you can use.

Check previous lottery draws

Personally, I like to pick my numbers on the basis of the results of other lotteries. That is why we have this page where you can see the latest winning numbers for the biggest international lotteries. Here is a simple way of using those results: Take a piece of paper, write down all possible numbers for the lottery you want to play, then mark all numbers that have been drawn in any of those lotteries from all over the world. Then pick your numbers from those who are left unmarked. You can continue eliminating numbers by checking the draw results from past weeks until you have narrowed the remaining choices down far enough.


Do not miss the draw times for the world’s largest lottery jackpots

A list of the Draw Times for the International Lotteries  read more

Use personal numbers like birthdates

This is a classic method, which has one downside: Most people use this strategy, and the result is that most tickets contain low numbers (up to 12 for months, up to 31 for dates). In consequence, when a draw has a result mainly consisting of low numbers, there is a likelihood of more winners for the top prizes. To avoid that, use this simple trick: Multiply some of the low numbers by 2, 3, or even 4 to get some higher numbers.

Compare different lotteries

Finally, this should be an important part of your strategy: Get more choices by using our online lottery service. This enables you to see how high the jackpot for Powerball, Mega Millions is, as well as for other worldwide lotteries. Then simply choose the jackpot with the largest amount.